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Backyard Lighting

Backyard and Deck Lighting Ideas

Backyard weddings extend into the late hours of the evening. Lighting is absolutely essential to creating a party ambiance. Popular methods of lighting these areas include patio lights and lighting existing landscape features and architectural features. For the wedding pictured right, we wrapped multiple tree trunks, lit the deck railing, installed patio lights over the pool, and even outlined the house with traditional Christmas lights.

Wedding lights on back deck
Wedding lights in backyard

For this backyard, we wrapped mini lights throughout the bushes, wrapped the tree trunks, and outlined the deck railing with twinkle lights. The patio stringers were already installed permanently. Lanterns where also added to the stone steps leading from the driveway to the back yard.

This particular installation was actually for a proposal at Lake Lanier. We wrapped tree trunks, outlined trees, and wrapped the hand railing. Power was supplied by an inverter running on an unmarked Simply Lit van. The signal was given to flip the switch thus turning on the lights. We like to think the lights were the highlight of the evening!

Engagement lights at Lake Lanier

Front Yard Lighting

Light Curtain

Although the party is happening in the backyard, we always recommend adding some lighting to the front yard. Lights can be installed several days before the event. This is a great prelude to the party.

Lighting the front yard is also popular when guests are coming in from out-of-town and will be staying for the week.

For this installation, we lit the entire front house, rooftop, outlined the driveway with pathlights and installed this beautiful LED ligh curtain.

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