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Marquee Letters

Marquee Letters for Rent

LOVE Marquee Letters

Our rental letters and numbers are a great way to personalize and brand your Atlanta event. These are very popular for birthday parties, weddings, and other events. You can spell out any word or number as we have a full range of letters, numbers and special characters in multiple fonts.

We build these in-house, so we always have the letters, numbers, and characters you're looking for. All letters can be used indoors or outdoors. Our letters are truly the highest quality and most aesthetic letters available for rent.

Our letters are of the highest quality available. Other companies rent flimsy letters that do not stand up straight, use yellow lights that break and burn out, and do not have the same aesthetic appeal that ours have.

Rental periods are typically one day, but we have flexibility based on availability. Plan on picking up the items on the day of the event and returning the next day, excluding Sundays.

We provide everything needed to setup and plug in the letters. These are easy to setup, just place them where you like and plug them in with the provided extension cord.

For a truly personal touch, we can build custom marquee letters to your specific dimensions, shapes, fonts, and colors.

Available Fonts

Three-foot Marquee Letters

Our standard and most popular 3D marquee letters. These are made from 1/2" wood and have a solid white opaque LED bulb. These bulbs are just as white as the letter itself. Our bulbs use very little energy, do not break, and will not burn out. Letters are free-standing, stackable up to three tiers. The backs are fully enclosed so there are no exposed wires. These are lightweight and can easily be moved. A sedan will hold about 5 letters while a full size SUV is large enough to carry about 10 letters. These need to plug in to an electrical outlet; we will provide a cord up to 15' in length.

Height 36"
Depth 6"
Width 22" to 38"
Rental Price $ 50 ea.
Available Characters A to Z, 0 to 9, !, &, #, +, ?, and a heart symbol.
3ft White Marquee Letters

Four-foot Shadowbox Letters

These unlit white mosaic letters or shadowbox letters are designed for balloons or floral arrangements and make for great day-time decor pieces.

Height 48"
Depth 8"
Width 32" to 40"
Rental Price $ 50 ea.
Available Characters A-Z, 0-9, #
4ft White Mosaic Letters

Five-foot Marquee Letters

The best 5ft marquee letters and numbers available for rent in Atlanta! Our letters have giant white lights, an 8" border, three-dimensional look, and are free standing!

Height 60"
Depth 8"
Width 30" to 48"
Rental Price $ 75 ea.
Available Characters A-Z, 0-9, #, /
5ft marquee numbers

Five-foot Scoreboard Numbers

To be discontinued.

These numbers may be substituted with our new 5ft marquee numbers as we build up our inventory.

Height 60"
Depth 8"
Width 36"
Rental Price $ 75 ea.
Available Characters 0-6
5ft White Marquee Numbers

Three-foot RGB Numbers

These numbers are the same geometric font as our white marquees, but these have an RGB (color changing) solid face which covers the letter and hides all wires and lights. The face can be changed to almost any color of the rainbow using an app.

Height 36"
Depth 6"
Width ~26"
Rental Price $ 50 ea.
Available Characters 0 to 6
White RGB Numbers



Pair our marquee letters with wireless uplights to add more color and style to the setup! The marquee letters will shine a bright white while the borders will illuminate with any color you'd like!

Marquee Numbers with Uplights


Our marquee letters can be decorated with balloons to create a beautiful statement piece while the shadowbox letters can be filled with balloons to add day-time color.

Marquee Letters with Balloons


Our three-foot marquee letters are stackable up to three tiers in height! We have custom boards in various lengths that support and secures each layer of letters.

Stackable Marquee Letters

Special Characters

In addition to letters and numbers, we have special characters available as well! Use a hashtag for branding and acronyms, a heart symbol for added romance, a question mark for the proposal, and exclamation marks for added excitement!

Special Characters


Prefix your sign with our mini letters stacked above. We have "THE", "CLASS OF", and "MR & MRS".

Marquee Letter Prefixes

Also Paired With

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