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Spooky Halloween Lights

Halloween Lighting

Christmas lights aren't just for Christmas! Enjoy our fun color-themed Halloween lights. Pick any color combination of lights for the home or even decorate the trees and bushes. We'll setup in the beginning of October and remove the lights during the first week of November.

Halloween Lights

Color Options

We can decorate homes with fun color combinations of red, purple, orange, yellow, warm white, blue, and green for a great Halloween display. We can create color combinations from any of these colors. Alternating orange and purple Halloween lights has been common, but we can also do a candy-corn pattern with orange, yellow, and warm white. Other interesting patterns would be blue and green, all orange, or yellow and purple.

We also have mini lights available in red, green, blue, orange, and purple to decorate trees and bushes.

Halloween Lights are Leased

We lease the Halloween lights so you're not committed to the same color pattern every year and leasing lowers the price so that they are significantly cheaper than Christmas lighting. After we switch the Halloween lights for Christmas lights, we will take the colored lights with us.

Early Installations

We begin installing Halloween lights early in October and hope to have them all installed by October 21. This allows you to enjoy the lights for a few weeks leading up to the big day. After Halloween, just turn off the lights (or leave them on). We will return during the first week of November to setup the Christmas lights.

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