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3ft Marquee Letters

Our standard and most popular 3D marquee letters. These are made from 1/2" plywood and have a solid white opaque LED...

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5ft Marquee Letters

The best five foot marquee letters and numbers available for rent in Atlanta! Our 5ft letters have giant white lights,...

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4ft Shadowbox Letters

These unlit white mosaic letters or shadowbox letters are designed for balloons or floral arrangements and make for...

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4ft Black Marquee Numbers

Our four-foot marquee numbers are the same font as our three foot numbers, but they are painted black and have a warm...

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3ft RGB Numbers

These numbers are the same geometric font as our white marquees, but these have an RGB (color changing) solid face which...

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Rustic Love Sign

A five-foot rustic loves sign with a stained oak face, thick white border, and warm white LED bulbs. The sign is 3D and...

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3ft Special Characters

We have a variety of special charaters in the three-foot marquee font. You can rent a heart or and ampersand with...

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5ft Special Characters

We have a hashtag [#], a slash [/], and an ampersand [&] available in our 5ft marquee font.

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Matching 18" prefixes compliment your marquee sign rental. The font and bulbs match our three-foot marquee letters.The...

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Table Letters

Table letters shorter unlit characters typically used as legs for a desert table. They measure 30" in height and 12"...

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Block Letters

A traditional block with letters. The block is an 18" cube with a raised relief for the font and border. The block is...

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Custom Painted 3ft Marquees

We can paint our 3ft marquee letters in any solid color that you'd like! Bulbs may be our standard white or swapped out...

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Gold Acrylic Letters

Shiny gold acrylic numbers stand at four feet tall. They are 2D, but have a removable stand to support them. Base...

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5ft RGB Marquee Letters

A bulb upgrade to our standard 5ft marquee letters. These bulbs allow for different color combinations and shades of...

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4ft White Marquee Numbers

A larger version of our standard 3ft white marquee letters. LED bulbs, 3D, light-weight, white border. Easier to...

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RGB Letters

These RGB letters contain LED lights that can be programmed between 16 million different colors! Each letter can be its...

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Letters for Rent

Our rental marquee letters and marquee numbers are a great way to personalize and brand your Atlanta area event. These can be used for birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, corporate events, and any other occasion which you would like to add that extra touch. You can spell out any word, phrase, or number as we have a full range of letters, numbers and special characters in multiple fonts. We have full alpha-numeric character availability in three-foot and five-foot marquees, as well as four-foot shadowbox which can be filled with colorful balloons to add depth and excitement. We also have numeric four-foot black marquees available.

We build our high-quality inventory in-house, so we always have the letters, numbers, and characters you're looking for or we have the capacity to create them. All letters can be used indoors or outdoors. Our letters are truly the highest quality and most aesthetic letters available for rent due to our craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Our marquee and shadowbox letters are crafted of the highest quality available. Other companies rent flimsy letters that do not stand up straight, use yellow lights that break and burn out, and do not have the same aesthetic appeal that ours have. We pride ourselves on consistency in our rental lettering from sizing, font, and durability to customer experience and expectations.

Agreed upon rental periods are typically one day or the weekend, but we have flexibility based on availability for the lettering or phrase being rented. Plan on picking up the items on the day of the event and returning the next day. We can also offer round-trip delivery based on your location and times of event for an additional fee.

We provide everything needed to setup and plug our marquees. These are easy to setup, just place them where you like, plug them in with the provided extension cord, and you are Simply Lit! Our shadowbox rentals are also easy to maneuver and set up. They really pop when filled with colorful balloons.

For a truly personal touch, we can build custom marquee letters to your specific dimensions, shapes, fonts, and colors. Call us today to discuss what we can offer you!